Friday, April 4, 2014

Challenge Accepted!

I did it, ya’ll!

4 days of BarreAmped in a row.  I set a goal & I reached it! 

I was dreading (like the plague) going last night to class #4.  I also may/may not have sent this text to my friend Caryn:

But she pushed me to go and I knew I had made public my 4-day in a row challenge and well, I don’t like to fail.

The class was taught by the owner so I learned a lot about techniques, which was awesome.  Although one complaint I will say is that she went over by 15 minutes.  Come on!  I don’t mind going a couple minutes over but I think 15 minutes over is too much.  Anyone agree or disagree?

#selfie before Class #4

BTW-How ADORABLE is the studio on Music Row?
So here I am on Friday, my first rest day of the week.  Tomorrow will be a cardio session in my driveway & 2 mile power walk and then a fun night attending a wedding in town.  TGIF!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March Madness

March was a really important month for me.  For the first time since running the marathon, I got into a consistent workout routine.  I was starting to wonder if that was going to happen.

I knew post-marathon I wanted a break.  I also knew I needed to be careful with my in-activity and food activity post-marathon.  I ran the Hot Chocolate 15k with my Princesses (minus Princess Hil – sad face) but didn’t really train.  I was lucky to have had a great race with my girls!

But Barre has really given me a new inspiration.  [Perhaps the fact that bank account is involved has something to do with it?] My friend Caryn is really my motivator, she got me to sign up and she’s committed to 4-5 classes a week.  I’m still working on hitting my 4-class goal this week, but I’m 2 down and 2 to go.

Long story short: Thanks March for giving me a new inspiration and kicking my booty back into routine.  

Mid-Week Check in:
Monday Barre Express @ 6pm: CHECK!
Tuesday BarreAmped @ 6:30am: CHECK!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 2 in Review

I’d love to be able to report that after my super positive & motivated post last Sunday that I succeeded in all I said I would do. But alas, I live in the real world. And in the real world my energy level straight-up PLUMMETED to the depths of the ocean last week.

Running on little sleep all week, super stressed by 4 colliding projects all launching now around the same time and well…just the fact that sometimes life steps in and says, “Hold up shorty. Yo body is tirrrrred!” I made it to one barre class, and nothing else.

But let me say that ONE barre class (Wednesday @ 6:30am) was killa! I felt great afterwards and all day. I HATED having to cancel my Thursday class due to a potential project launching (which never did….Grrrr) and my usual Saturday morning cardio session didn’t happen due to hosting brunch at my house with some of my best girlfriends before all heading over to the new Music City Center for the Southern Women’s Show. Something I didn’t lack this week was quality time with my friends. And sometimes that’s more important than checking off each workout box for the week.

I also managed to attend a Law school function Friday night (after a work day that consisted of 9 back-to-back meetings. Not kidding, 9) and Saturday night attended a taping of the TV Show “Nashville” at the Mother Church of Country Music.  An experience I will NEVER forget and make sure you tune into ABC @ 9pm CT/10pm ET on April 23. You may not see me, but you’ll know the clapping sounds in the concert scene are partially provided by yours truly!

Goal Setting for the week ahead is as follows:
Sunday/yesterday: 1.5 mile power walk + Cardio Circuit in my Driveway (Check!)
Monday @ 6:30pm: BarreAmped Express Class (Express is a 45 minute class rather than the typical 60 minute class)
Tuesday @ 6:30am
Wednesday @ 6:30am
Thursday @ 6pm
Saturday: 2 mile Run/Walk + Cardio Circuit in my Driveway
*Note I'm adding in a 4th Barre class this week...stay tuned as to why!

Week in review in pictures:
Frost on the car...Still!
Sometimes I like proof when I'm up this early

Space themed event @ the Law School Friday night

Gals at the Ryman

The cast of Nashville performing a group number

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week One & Done!

I finished my first full week BarreAmped off strong last week - My Thursday night class was AWESOME!

The instructor was great, there were a lot of different levels in the class, the music mix was phenommmm and I really started to get into the groove of things. So I guess 3rd times’ a  charm?

At one point during the class our instructor commented that everyone was shaking and she LOVED seeing that because “shaking is changing!”  It’s kinda my new favorite quote.  When my arms/”seat”/legs are shaking, my muscles and body are changing for the better, and that’s an awesome feeling!

My Saturday morning workout sesh got cancelled due to a little upset tummy for my workout buddy, but I did manage to get in a 30 minute, 2-mile power walk through my awesome neighborhood, which was a great way to spend my Saturday afternoonJ

Tonight started my 2nd week of Barre with my 4th instructor in 4 classes.  (I definitely have my favorites already!)

Up this week:
Sunday: BarreAmped (Check!)
Monday: Cardio
Wednesday: BarreAmped (6:30am!)
Thursday: BarreAmped (6pm)
Saturday: Cardio

Hope everyone had a great & relaxing weekend out there!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thanks Reader(s)!

Yesterday I had 2 blog readers (YAY!) ask me how barre class was going.  My response was a little less than enthusiastic not because I’m regretting doing it, but truthfully I’ve been a little [bored] in class.

I’m used to high impact cardio: Dancing, Running, Zumba, Hot Yoga.

Barre is sneaky. The barre classroom isn’t extra hot so I’ve barely broken a sweat, and the class flow is slow with only a few moves that get my heart rate really moving.

Now don’t get me wrong – I shake like an earthquake. Plus, I have been taking it a little easy this week being that it’s my first week ever and don’t want to hurt myself and trying to learn the positions. < smart

Then I woke up this morning.  And everything is sore. Y’all, like EVERYTHING!!!

I’ve got my 3rd class tonight (Music Row location) so I’ll be able to compare taking a Sunday afternoon class vs. the Wednesday 6:30am class before work vs. the Thursday 6pm class after work.  I’m interested to see the differences in how I feel after each class.

That’s all from me…anyone else out there SO GLAD it’s finally Thursday?!?